Learning The Basics of Maya

Over the past few weeks I have been learning the basics of Maya with the Introduction to Maya 2013 course by Digital Tutors. Most of the course was review for me from Blender and Inventor, but it was very helpful learning where menus are located and … [Continue reading]

Concept For My First Game

While it's hard not to follow what my heart wants to do and get started in on an epic RPG featuring multiple kingdoms and lands, I'm going to start small for my first game. This way I will be familiar with the process of taking a game to market … [Continue reading]

Putting The Roap Map Together

I've figured out my goal, and the elements I need to get there. Now I have to figure out in which order I need to connect those dots. I keep going over the plan again and again with good revisions each time. I am sure that, as I learn more, I will … [Continue reading]

Planning Where We’re Going

Today is when creating a game studio begins! Yesterday I set my goal to build a successful game studio from the ground up. But how am I actually going to do that? There are a lots of different choices I need to make, so hang tight as we explore … [Continue reading]

The Start Of Something New

My name is Scotty and I created Days to Dev to prove that anybody with motivation can create a game studio with successful titles. I'm going to be transparent with my methods, whether successful or a failure. My entrance into the gaming world … [Continue reading]