Putting The Roap Map Together

I’ve figured out my goal, and the elements I need to get there. Now I have to figure out in which order I need to connect those dots.

I keep going over the plan again and again with good revisions each time. I am sure that, as I learn more, I will be making a lot of changes before the end of this project, but I need a good place to start.

Here is a road map which I have laid out for myself.

I would like to refine the concept of the game and write out the storyline that will accompany it. Once I have that down, I will know what to model. Next I will incorporate the modeled assets into the game with Unity. I will make the GUI (graphical user interface, the onscreen stuff like buttons and menus) in Photoshop and Illustrator. Lastly I will need music and sound effects in game, however I will worry about how I will create them once I get to that step.

Once I know that I can create a good game I will focus more on the business end of running a game studio.

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