The Start Of Something New

ScottyMy name is Scotty and I created Days to Dev to prove that anybody with motivation can create a game studio with successful titles. I’m going to be transparent with my methods, whether successful or a failure.

My entrance into the gaming world started when my uncle, Peter, got me into gaming in the early 90s on a PC running Windows 3. This is not my first time in the development world either, in 2006 I wrote programs for robotic systems which attained various awards at events and received attention in blogs and traditional media, a few years later in 2008 I became obsessed with 3d model creation. Since 2010 I have professionally worked in the IT departments of a large enterprise and small businesses where I have done everything from maintaining networks, providing end user computer support, and coding websites.

Now, it is August 28th 2012, I will be working part-time as a videographer for a local company. In the afternoon and evening, my goal is to learn the tools, software, and techniques used by the gaming industry. After this initial learning period, I will put what I have learned to use by creating and subsequently releasing various game titles. I hope to be running a successful studio in 2014. I am looking at my clock now, I have 1247 Days to Dev.

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