Visualization Of Game Genre And Platforms Since 1975

A few months ago I briefly mentioned the market share of top gaming platforms based on worldwide sales. Earlier this week Nick Reed provided incite into not only the top gaming platforms based on titles released for them, but also the market share of genres based on released games. (Click on the graphs to view them full size.)

game genre market share released titles

Genre Market Share

gaming platforms market share released titles

Platform Market Share

gaming platforms market share released titles, 2 of 2

Y-Axis is total number of titles

The stats are probably not 100% accurate because the database they come from, VideoGameGeek, is user submitted. However, the charts should provide a good idea of the games released. It is also important to note that games which run under multiple platforms or are considered multi-genre games are counted multiple times under each appropriate category. The Android platform, and subsequent titles, were not taken into account. These charts do not account for popularity of each genre, only the number of titles released.

Credit: Source via Reddit.

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